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Subject: Re: Beating MTD(n,f) isn't MTD-best a candidate. (NT)

Author: Tony Werten

Date: 02:59:05 06/07/01

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On June 07, 2001 at 05:20:55, Bas Hamstra wrote:

>Hi Tony,
>Is this a joke? I would think this would cost far more nodes than normal PVS.

Not if the score stays 0. Then you're just doing a minimal window search all the
time. If you do more than only material, the score changes and you have to do a
couple of researches.

>Unless you change the PVS to someting that you cannot call PVS anymore first :-)
>>>What (he asked in the shadow of incredible ignorance) is MTD-best?
>>Just use pvs but change the initial ab-window to (0,1)
>(BTW lucky draw agaist XiniX, I admit)

I heard. In the end, I unstood, I was lucky you gave me the draw.
Hans was quite happy with the way XiniX played (until the bug ) He even accused
it of making longterm plans. I should be able to upset some people at WMCCC if I
get the bugs out.

>(BTW2 Are you going to join Maastricht and how can I apply?)

Eh, it's my university that organises it (Actually, 2 colleagues of me). My boss
would be quite upset if I wouldn't play.

The easiest way to apply is through the web (
then on-line registrationform ) and just pay on arrival.




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