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Subject: Re: Beating MTD(n,f) isn't MTD-best a candidate. (NT)

Author: Bas Hamstra

Date: 05:36:05 06/07/01

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>>(BTW lucky draw agaist XiniX, I admit)
>I heard. In the end, I unstood, I was lucky you gave me the draw.
>Hans was quite happy with the way XiniX played (until the bug ) He even accused
>it of making longterm plans. I should be able to upset some people at WMCCC if
>I get the bugs out.

Probably, I was impressed by it's play. Of course the competition will be fierce
as well. The bugs seem to have cost you points, but it played fine in Leiden,
good style. Given Xinix's 2.4x faster hardware (fair is fair) it basically
nailed Tao against the wall. But then it couldn't kill it (well even Fritz had a
hard time doing so) and let Tao exchange some totally nailed pieces. What Hans
meant was that Xinix played it's knight slowly around, to get it to f5, very

In the end existed an endgame with a pawn up for white. According to Hans,
simply won for white. Now in second instance Tao was won. Both program's didn't
have the slightest clue of all that winning chances and Hans almost died from
frustration :-)

Best regards,

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