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Subject: Re: What is

Author: Ulrich Tuerke

Date: 07:51:56 05/08/98

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Hi Don,
thanks for your good and clear presentation. I too think that
pre-processing is still done in most of the current chess programs, -
more or less.
I am considering the possibility of a moderated pre-processing, i. e.
apply the time-consuming pre-processing evaluation parts not at the root
but to nodes at depth - say - the half of the aimed search depth. Thus,
one would still have the main advantage, saving a lot of calculation
time, because the number of pre-processed nodes would still be a
microscopic fraction of the leaf nodes. But on the other hand, the
preprocessed knowledge would be applied to nodes being far closer to the
leaf nodes (in your examples "only" 30 ply instead of 60).
Opinions ?

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