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Subject: Re: What is

Author: Amir Ban

Date: 14:41:03 05/08/98

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On May 08, 1998 at 10:51:56, Ulrich Tuerke wrote:

>Hi Don,
>thanks for your good and clear presentation. I too think that
>pre-processing is still done in most of the current chess programs, -
>more or less.
>I am considering the possibility of a moderated pre-processing, i. e.
>apply the time-consuming pre-processing evaluation parts not at the root
>but to nodes at depth - say - the half of the aimed search depth. Thus,
>one would still have the main advantage, saving a lot of calculation
>time, because the number of pre-processed nodes would still be a
>microscopic fraction of the leaf nodes. But on the other hand, the
>preprocessed knowledge would be applied to nodes being far closer to the
>leaf nodes (in your examples "only" 30 ply instead of 60).
>Opinions ?

It's a fair but simplistic description of Junior.


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