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Subject: Deep Blue afterthoughts

Author: Ingo Althofer

Date: 03:35:53 05/09/98

Shortly after the win of Deep Blue over Kasparov in May 1997 members
of the DB team and IBM promised two things:

(i) Until the end of 1997 there will be either a version of Deep Blue
    jr. playing on the internet, or the DB chip will be made
    commercially available on a plug-in card for PCs.

(ii) Technical papers will be published in appropriate Journals,
     explaining in detail the way, Deep Blue is playing chess.

I still have the hope that this will really happen. ( Especially, when
there is time to tour through the universities, there should also be
time to write the technical papers. )

An example of good scientific style is given by NEC:  In August 97
the Othello playing programm LOGISTELLO beat the human world champion
decisively by 6:0. The author of LOGISTELLO is Michael Buro, and he
had been working in the NEC research laboratory in Princeton.
Originally his contract would have ended in September 97, but NEC gave
him another full year with the only invitation to write technical papers
about LOGISTELLO in this time. A model for IBM ?!     Ingo Althoefer.
                             PS: As I understand, Amir Ban has "the" DB
outputs of game 2. Would he be willing to share them with us ?

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