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Subject: Dabbaba needs an openingbook

Author: Jens Baek Nielsen

Date: 13:45:38 05/27/98

My chessprogram Dabbaba needs an openingbook.
See below - is this the right way to make it?

I consider having a textfile like in this format:
e2e4# e7e5# g1f3# b8c6#...
----  ----  ----  g8f6#...
----  c7c5#...
( the # could be a mark as in Genius (!/-/./ ) to indicate how often a
move should be played)

=====>Does such a textfile exist, that everybody can copy and use?

A program DABBBOOK.EXE should read this textfile and generate a file
DABBABA.BOK like this, that Dabbaba uses as its book:
  8 bytes hashkey
  1 byte from
  1 byte to
  1 byte for the #-mark.
 11 bytes pr. position; ca. 9.000 positions in 100K.
By using the hashkey much space is required, but transpositions are

Greetings Jens (

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