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Subject: Re: High NPS vs. Low NPS

Author: Shep

Date: 05:00:54 11/26/01

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On November 26, 2001 at 06:49:28, Uri Blass wrote:

>My data say that Deep Fritz extends more than Hiarcs
>Deep Fritz often gets more than 31 when hiarcs cannot do it
>Here is one example

>    (-1.16)   Depth: 19/51   19:22:30  49709144kN

But it holds also for these data that both programs may mean something
Depth of deepest line does not tell you how much the programs extend on average.
So Fritz may have found one line that goes 51 ply deep, yet its average
selective depth may be something like 25.
OTOH, Hiarcs might show 12/38 at the same time, but have an average selective
depth of 30. We just don't know that as the engines don't display this info.


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