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Subject: Re: High NPS vs. Low NPS

Author: Aaron Tay

Date: 08:58:18 11/26/01

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Hello Steve and the rest

Some questions if you don't mind

n November 26, 2001 at 06:26:52, Steve Maughan wrote:

>The answer lies in the structure of the programs and the evaluation functions.

I was wondering is this somewhat related to the idea that some programs are
considered preprocessors and others are not? Or is it a totally different

>The King aka ChessMaster evaluates the control of each square on the board.
>This information is useful for guiding the search and using in the evaluation
>function however it's expensive to compute.  You can also see this with Phalanx
>which can triggers a deaper search from within the evaluation function - i.e.
>the evaluation says that the position is not stable so search another ply

Hmm this is in constract to the normal quienscience search?

>In contrast you can get some programs (Goliath) that use a piece-table
>evaluation and rely on Null Move and some simpler extensions to get by.  These
>are fast - it's probably not fair to say they are dump since they get their
>knowledge from the seach.  Just a different way of "skinning the cat".

Thank you.


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