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Subject: Re: High NPS vs. Low NPS

Author: Steve Maughan

Date: 03:26:52 11/26/01

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The answer lies in the structure of the programs and the evaluation functions.

The King aka ChessMaster evaluates the control of each square on the board.
This information is useful for guiding the search and using in the evaluation
function however it's expensive to compute.  You can also see this with Phalanx
which can triggers a deaper search from within the evaluation function - i.e.
the evaluation says that the position is not stable so search another ply

In contrast you can get some programs (Goliath) that use a piece-table
evaluation and rely on Null Move and some simpler extensions to get by.  These
are fast - it's probably not fair to say they are dump since they get their
knowledge from the seach.  Just a different way of "skinning the cat".



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