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Subject: Re: (more)

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 12:19:44 12/13/01

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Another good example was Tony Scherzer (now deceased) who built the chess
machine "BeBe".  Didn't now squat about chess (we used to play a lot of blitz
at the ACM events and I don't ever recall him even drawing me or Bert in a
game.)  But he understood computers and alpha/beta, and so forth, and built
a very dangerous chess machine.

BTW that machine helped us win the 1983 WCCC event cleanly as we could have
tied with "NuChess" had not BeBe beaten it in the last round.  And I think
that he did this again in the 1986 WCCC by beating Rebel which could have won
the event had it not lost (my memory is less clear on this one since I was
not actually present in Cologne but operated remotely.)

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