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Subject: Re: (more)

Author: José de Jesús García Ruvalcaba

Date: 07:03:12 12/14/01

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On December 13, 2001 at 15:19:44, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>Another good example was Tony Scherzer (now deceased)

I did not know. I wondered why BeBe stopped playing. I think it never outscored
Cray Blitz in a tournament, but it always did quite well.

>who built the chess
>machine "BeBe".  Didn't now squat about chess (we used to play a lot of blitz
>at the ACM events and I don't ever recall him even drawing me or Bert in a
>game.)  But he understood computers and alpha/beta, and so forth, and built
>a very dangerous chess machine.
>BTW that machine helped us win the 1983 WCCC event cleanly as we could have
>tied with "NuChess" had not BeBe beaten it in the last round.  And I think
>that he did this again in the 1986 WCCC by beating Rebel which could have won
>the event had it not lost (my memory is less clear on this one since I was
>not actually present in Cologne but operated remotely.)

You are right, and Rebel even had a won position against BeBe, but then it began
to hunt pawns and finally lost (BeBe was outsearching Rebel quite badly in that
phase of the game).

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