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Subject: Storing the PV in a search routine

Author: Scott Gasch

Date: 11:44:18 06/09/98

Hi.  I'm a newbie at computer chess and am having some trouble storing
the PV with my search routine.  I am using an alpha beta search with
a depth identifier to moderate search depth.  Before I return from any
invokation of search I store the best move it found in a move array at
pv[depth].  I thought this would be the correct way to operate since
the search is depth first.  However, when I look at the move array later
it often makes no sense; for instance, the same piece is moved twice on
successive turns or pieces get taken where they are not located in the
deeper levels of the PV.  The first move in the array is always legal
and is (usually) a sound move.  This leads me to believe the search
routine is working but I am just missing some concept about how to store
the PV.

Thanks for any help.


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