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Subject: Chess engine Bringer 1.9 released

Author: Gerrit Reubold

Date: 15:11:42 12/26/01

Hi all,

the new version of my chess program is now available for free download from my

As always, the engine is modified, I hope (and believe) it is stronger than
Bringer 1.8, but it is up to you to test this :-)

The GUI didn't change much, with one exception: Book handling. The opening books
are now splitted into three separate files, which are freely interchangeable. 1.
the raw data (automatically generated from PGN files) 2. the repertoire (the !
and ? signs, the work of the book author), and 3. the scores from the book

These are the advantages: Bringer doesn't store the !!-etc comments in the
opening book anymore, so you can simply rebuild the plain opening book from
newer PGNs and keep your !!-etc comments in a separate file (I call this file
the repertoire file). You can have many of these repertoire files and combine
them with opening book files as you like. f.ex. you could have a "Sicilian
Defence" repertoire file, a "Queens Gambit" repertoire file, a complete
repertoire file, a secret tournament repertoire etc. Note that these repertoire
files are usually very small, contrary to the opening books, thus they are
easily shared with your friends over the internet. The booklearning results are
kept in separate files, too, so you can switch these files, send them to your
friends, turn them off etc. as needed.
The download includes an example repertoire: cct3.btu. This repertoire was
successfully used in the CCT-3 tournament, it was created by Peter Berger.

Other topics:
New option: Mainvariation always international
(Since version 1.9, Bringer displays the main variation not like this "d2-d4
g8-f6" anymore, but like this: "d4 Nf6", which is more readable. In the german
GUI, this would be "d4 Sf6", but if you like the international symbols (N
instead of S), even in the german GUI, select this option.)
When you exit Bringer, the current position is now saved and automatically
loaded when you start it again.

One other thing, for fans of Bringer, collectors, and friends of weak engines.
You can download one of the very first versions of Bringer, it is from March
1996, after 10 weeks of work (Pete called it "Baby-Bringer" :)). The GUI is only
in german, but I think you can operate it even when you don't speak German.


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