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Subject: Re: Chess engine Bringer 1.9 released

Author: pavel

Date: 16:13:26 12/26/01

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On December 26, 2001 at 18:11:42, Gerrit Reubold wrote:

>Hi all,
>the new version of my chess program is now available for free download from my
>As always, the engine is modified, I hope (and believe) it is stronger than
>Bringer 1.8, but it is up to you to test this :-)
>The GUI didn't change much, with one exception: Book handling. The opening books
>are now splitted into three separate files, which are freely interchangeable. 1.
>the raw data (automatically generated from PGN files) 2. the repertoire (the !
>and ? signs, the work of the book author), and 3. the scores from the book
>These are the advantages: Bringer doesn't store the !!-etc comments in the
>opening book anymore, so you can simply rebuild the plain opening book from
>newer PGNs and keep your !!-etc comments in a separate file (I call this file
>the repertoire file). You can have many of these repertoire files and combine
>them with opening book files as you like. f.ex. you could have a "Sicilian
>Defence" repertoire file, a "Queens Gambit" repertoire file, a complete
>repertoire file, a secret tournament repertoire etc. Note that these repertoire
>files are usually very small, contrary to the opening books, thus they are
>easily shared with your friends over the internet. The booklearning results are
>kept in separate files, too, so you can switch these files, send them to your
>friends, turn them off etc. as needed.
>The download includes an example repertoire: cct3.btu. This repertoire was
>successfully used in the CCT-3 tournament, it was created by Peter Berger.
>Other topics:
>New option: Mainvariation always international
>(Since version 1.9, Bringer displays the main variation not like this "d2-d4
>g8-f6" anymore, but like this: "d4 Nf6", which is more readable. In the german
>GUI, this would be "d4 Sf6", but if you like the international symbols (N
>instead of S), even in the german GUI, select this option.)
>When you exit Bringer, the current position is now saved and automatically
>loaded when you start it again.
>One other thing, for fans of Bringer, collectors, and friends of weak engines.
>You can download one of the very first versions of Bringer, it is from March
>1996, after 10 weeks of work (Pete called it "Baby-Bringer" :)). The GUI is only
>in german, but I think you can operate it even when you don't speak German.

Thanks alot Gerrit, Bringer has always been one of my favourite chess program,
and you know it ;)


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