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Subject: Testposition from CCT4

Author: Gerd Isenberg

Date: 11:18:14 01/28/02

From CCT4-10 IsiChessX - PostModernist 0-1

Does your program avoid Qc8 ?

[D] 6k1/4bppp/2p3n1/5Q2/1qPB4/1P1R1BP1/r6P/7K w - - am Qc8

In this position after 34.Qc8+ Nf8, IsiChess failed even more with 35.Qxc6??

[D] 2Q2nk1/4bppp/2p5/8/1qPB4/1P1R1BP1/r6P/7K w - - am Qxc6

After 34.Qc8? Nf8 IsiChess got a FailLow with Qxc6 and a very bad search
behaviour. The first one at depth 10 from +130 to +95 after 0:10, a second one
at depth 13 after 1:45 resp. 2:06 from +106 ..via +65-- to -164. Few moments
later, i got an exploding search tree looking for 35.Bc3.

After 11:10 it came back with a score of -0.88 and after 18:18 it found Rd1 with
-0.83. But unfortunally during the game, my maxTime exceeds (aprox. 3*averadge
time), signaled the Search thread to terminate unconditionally after aprox. 8
Minutes - and IsiChess played Qxc6??

Seems that the FailLow behaviour of my Search needs some work, may be too many
extensions, but the wrong. Also i have to think about interrupting the Search in
these FailLow situations. Most often my branching factor seems OK, but sometimes
these terrible exceptions.

Very impressed of PostModernist 33...Qb4!

cheers, Gerd

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