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Subject: Re: Crafty-IsiChess,CCT4,r11 ==> A move to avoid?

Author: Thomas Mayer

Date: 13:36:23 01/29/02

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Hi Roy,

>>Wow, Fritz 7b is blind to this one.  It does not see in advance that 37...Nxe5
>>is good for Black (it thinks Black is down more than 3 pawns).  Must be
>>null-move / zugzwang, right?
>To be more specific, in the following position Black can play ...Re6 and be in
>very good shape (certainly not behind).  However, Fritz 7b evaluates this
>position as being better for White by about 5 pawns:
>[d] 8/8/1p1r1k2/p1pRN1p1/P3K1P1/1P6/8/8 b - - 0 2

strange... Quark fully disagrees and thinks that black is little bit better...

Analysis by Quark 1.68alpha:

1...Rd6-e6 2.Ke4-d3 Re6xe5 3.Rd5-d6+ Re5-e6 4.Rd6xe6+ Kf6xe6 5.Kd3-e4 Ke6-f6
6.Ke4-d5 Kf6-e7 7.Kd5-c6 c5-c4 8.b3xc4
  =  (-0.20)   Depth: 12   00:00:00  300kN
    (-0.50)   Depth: 13   00:00:01  469kN
1...Rd6-e6 2.Ke4-f3 Re6xe5 3.Rd5-d6+ Re5-e6 4.Rd6xe6+ Kf6xe6 5.Kf3-e4 Ke6-d6
6.Ke4-f5 b6-b5 7.Kf5xg5 c5-c4 8.Kg5-f4 c4xb3
    (-0.53)   Depth: 13   00:00:02  1286kN
    (-0.83)   Depth: 14   00:00:03  1958kN
1...Rd6-e6 2.Ke4-d3 Re6xe5 3.Rd5-d8 Kf6-e7 4.Rd8-b8 Re5-d5+ 5.Kd3-c3 Rd5-d6
6.Rb8-b7+ Ke7-f8 7.Kc3-c4 Rd6-d4+ 8.Kc4-c3 Rd4-b4 9.Kc3-c2 Rb4xg4
    (-1.18)   Depth: 14   00:00:06  3984kN
1...Rd6-e6 2.Rd5-d8 Re6xe5+ 3.Ke4-d3 Re5-e6 4.Rd8-f8+ Kf6-e7 5.Rf8-f5 Re6-d6+
6.Kd3-c3 Rd6-g6 7.Kc3-c4 Ke7-d7 8.Kc4-b5 Kd7-e8 9.Kb5-c4 Ke8-e7 10.Rf5-f1
    (-1.17)   Depth: 15   00:00:14  8554kN
    (-0.87)   Depth: 16   00:00:22  12958kN
1...Rd6-e6 2.Ke4-d3 Re6xe5 3.Kd3-c4 Re5-e4+ 4.Kc4-d3 Re4xg4 5.Rd5-d6+ Kf6-e5
6.Rd6xb6 Rg4-d4+ 7.Kd3-c3 g5-g4 8.Rb6-g6 Ke5-f4 9.Rg6-f6+ Kf4-e4 10.Rf6-a6
Ke4-d5 11.Kc3-c2
    (-0.87)   Depth: 16   00:00:25  15032kN
1...Rd6-e6 2.Ke4-d3 Re6xe5 3.Kd3-c4 Re5-e4+ 4.Kc4-c3 Re4xg4 5.Rd5-d6+ Kf6-e5
6.Rd6xb6 Rg4-d4 7.Rb6-a6 g5-g4 8.Ra6xa5 Rd4-d5 9.Ra5-a8 g4-g3 10.Ra8-e8+ Ke5-f4
    (-0.86)   Depth: 17   00:00:32  18147kN
    (-0.56)   Depth: 18   00:00:43  22327kN
1...Rd6-e6 2.Ke4-d3 Re6xe5 3.Rd5-d6+ Re5-e6 4.Rd6-d5 Kf6-g6 5.Kd3-c4 Re6-e4+
6.Kc4-c3 Re4xg4 7.Rd5-d6+ Kg6-f5 8.Rd6xb6
    (-0.88)   Depth: 18   00:00:49  26183kN
    (-0.58)   Depth: 19   00:01:05  34223kN
1...Rd6-e6 2.Ke4-d3 Re6xe5 3.Rd5-d6+ Re5-e6 4.Rd6-d5 Kf6-g6 5.Kd3-c3 Re6-f6
6.Rd5-d8 Kg6-h6 7.Kc3-c4 Rf6-f4+ 8.Kc4-c3 Rf4-f3+ 9.Rd8-d3 Rf3-f6 10.Rd3-d7
Rf6-e6 11.Kc3-c4 Re6-e4+ 12.Kc4-c3 b6-b5
    (-0.73)   Depth: 19   00:01:16  40171kN

Greets, Thomas

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