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Subject: Re: Crafty-IsiChess,CCT4,r11 ==> A move to avoid?

Author: Roy Eassa

Date: 13:13:45 01/29/02

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On January 29, 2002 at 16:09:05, Roy Eassa wrote:

>On January 29, 2002 at 14:42:13, José Antônio Fabiano Mendes wrote:
>>       Crafty-IsiChess,CCT4,r11
>>       [D]8/8/1p1r1k2/p1pP2p1/P3KnP1/1P3N2/8/3R4 w
>>       And here Crafty played 37.Ne5 and lost a pawn after
>>       37...Nxd5 38.Rxd5 Re6 39.Kd3 Rxe5,although the game ended in a draw
>>       in a few moves.Is indeed 37.Ne5 the best move? Just curious. JAFM
>Wow, Fritz 7b is blind to this one.  It does not see in advance that 37...Nxe5
>is good for Black (it thinks Black is down more than 3 pawns).  Must be
>null-move / zugzwang, right?

To be more specific, in the following position Black can play ...Re6 and be in
very good shape (certainly not behind).  However, Fritz 7b evaluates this
position as being better for White by about 5 pawns:

[d] 8/8/1p1r1k2/p1pRN1p1/P3K1P1/1P6/8/8 b - - 0 2

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