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Subject: Re: So is this a BUG in Fritz 7b?

Author: Roy Eassa

Date: 14:18:21 01/30/02

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On January 29, 2002 at 16:13:45, Roy Eassa wrote:

>in the following position Black can play ...Re6 and be in
>very good shape (certainly not behind).  However, Fritz 7b evaluates this
>position as being better for White by about 5 pawns:
>[d] 8/8/1p1r1k2/p1pRN1p1/P3K1P1/1P6/8/8 b - - 0 2

Re: So is this a BUG in Fritz 7b -- something that should be fixed?  Something
that could easily be fixed without negatively impacting anything else to any
measurable degree?

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