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Subject: Averno in CCT4 - Second weekend

Author: Josť Carlos

Date: 14:06:21 01/29/02

  The second weekend of tournament started for me in a very good place. 3 points
in six rounds was more than I expected, and I had played programs stronger than
Averno except Celes and Tinker, which is more or less the same strength as my

  Round 7: Sjeng - Averno 0-1
  This was a very important game. Sjeng is considered a bit stronger than
Averno, and I had lost to it in CCT3. After a long and strange book line, Averno
ended up in a won position, so the game was won by the book. Good result, but a
pity there was no real fight. However, I was happy because I had some bad
positions from book, specially vs PostModernist, so I was glad this time I was
in the winning side.

  Round 8: Averno - Goliath 0-1
  After an even book line, an old hole in my eval showed up. Averno sacced B+N
for R+P and some attack, but the attack disappeared soon, and my program lost

  Round 9: Comet - Averno 1/2
  Comet operator didn't show up, so I suggested Uli to operate Comet himself.
Nobody seemed to have any objection, so we played the game. I'm very happy that
noone had objections, because the game was really exciting, and the chat with
Uli very nice. Comet played somewhat handicapped because of a slow hardware
(K6-2 450 IIRC) and maybe this gave Averno some extra chances. Averno had a nice
attacking position, but played passively and Comet went over black king. When
white was near killing black king, it offered the queens exchange, and Averno
managed to get an interesting ending. I don't think it can be won, because with
can check forever, but also black couldn't lose. The draw was a great result for

  Round 10: Averno - Crafty 1/2
  I was unlucky again with pairing. In second round I faced Hiarcs, which
shouldn't be there, and in round 10 I had to play Crafty, which had 2 forfeits.
The same eval mistake as in the game vs Goliath happened here (B+N for R+P) but
in this game Crafty captured a pawn in a2, and its knights were trapped, one
defending each other. White couldn't capture them, but also they couldn't move.
Averno was happy because it has a big penalty for the knights in such a
situation, and slowly managed to create some threats with its pawns. When it
seemed it could win (I'm not sure) it forced the promotion, but got a position
that seemed impossible to win:

[D]8/4k1p1/p1p1P2p/4RP1P/1nP3P1/1n3K2/8/8 w - - 0 42

  Here Averno played 42. g5 hxg5 43. h6 gxh6 44. f6+ Kxf6 45. e7
  43 Kg4 was interesting, though I don't know if white can win or not.

  Round 11: Warp - Averno 1-0
  Again a strong opponent. Averno played a Caro-Kann and got messed in a
position it didn't understand. I had connection problems in this game, for which
I apologyze to Peter McKenzie.

  5 points out of 11. Not bad for my program, and specially considering the
strong opponents it played in the tournament.
  Just one complaint. Most of my opponents didn't kibitz any search info at all.
I don't have any doubt about their honesty running their own programs without
cheating at all, but it's a lot more fun when you can see what your opponent is
thinking. Averno's kibitzing was enabled in all the games. I'd like all people
did this so we all can have fun with the games.

  Thanks to all: ICC, Volker, players and people just watching and commenting.
As usual, CCT was a great event.
  My congratulations to Amir and Thomas specially, and all the others in
general. Also special congratulations to those who played their first
tournament. I hope to see you all (and also the ones missing) in CCT5.

  Josť C.

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