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Subject: I Think I have Chess Challenger 7 search depths correctly now

Author: Rich Van Gaasbeck

Date: 11:26:13 03/08/02

Thank you to all that responded regarding CC7's search depths.  I think I have
the right values now.  The only ones I'm not sure about are CL3 and CL6.  Both
are 5 ply.  I'm not sure if two full plus three selective should be more or less
time that three full plus two selective.  The level names and times are directly
from the manual (so at least these are correct).  Some posters gave a different
order for the various strengths.  Perhaps there are different revisions of the
CC7 or the levels were ordered differently in different countries.  Mine is a
Chess Challenger 7 Model BCC, USA version.

CL1: Intermediate           5s two full width ply
CL2: Experienced           15s three full width ply
CL3: Advanced            1:20m two full, then three selective
CL4: Mate in 2             20m four full width ply
CL5: Postal Chess          24h five full width
CL6: Excellent              6m three full width, then two selective
CL7: Tournament             3m three full width, then one selective

Do all the search depths seem right, especially search depths for levels 3 and


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