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Subject: Re: I Think I have Chess Challenger 7 search depths correctly now

Author: Frank Quisinsky

Date: 15:44:53 03/08/02

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On March 08, 2002 at 14:26:13, Rich Van Gaasbeck wrote:

>Thank you to all that responded regarding CC7's search depths.  I think I have
>the right values now.  The only ones I'm not sure about are CL3 and CL6.  Both
>are 5 ply.  I'm not sure if two full plus three selective should be more or less
>time that three full plus two selective.  The level names and times are directly
>from the manual (so at least these are correct).  Some posters gave a different
>order for the various strengths.  Perhaps there are different revisions of the
>CC7 or the levels were ordered differently in different countries.  Mine is a
>Chess Challenger 7 Model BCC, USA version.
>CL1: Intermediate           5s two full width ply
>CL2: Experienced           15s three full width ply
>CL3: Advanced            1:20m two full, then three selective
>CL4: Mate in 2             20m four full width ply
>CL5: Postal Chess          24h five full width
>CL6: Excellent              6m three full width, then two selective
>CL7: Tournament             3m three full width, then one selective
>Do all the search depths seem right, especially search depths for levels 3 and

Hey, Hey,

my first chess computer.
I know all about Chess Challenger 7,
I mean I losed my computer for a long time.

For 20 years I played here much tournament between the levels (not with CL4).

With DB/PB or (PB/DB middel of the keyboard) you can start a new move.
Must go to Level 1 and start the move, Level 3 and start the move :-)))
So you can play a tournament between levels :-))

CL5 can solved easy Mate in 3 positions.

CL7 losed mutch games against CL3 and CL3 against CL1.
In my first rating list is CL3 on the same level as CL2 and a little bit better
as CL1. CL7 is playing a little bit better as CL3. CL4 can not solved all
postions with mate in 2!!

CL4 is stronger as CL7 but the time the time ...

CL3 is ~ 40 seconds
CL2 is ~ 10-15 seconds

The other levels are correct.
Against CL7 I won my first game after 3 weeks (my mother give me this computer
to christmas) against a computer.

OK, enough ...


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