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Subject: piece list possibilities

Author: Tom Kerrigan

Date: 16:23:39 07/07/98

I want to write a very small chess program and I'm considering possible methods
to store a list of pieces.
Practically every time a chess program loops through a piece list, it's only
concerned with pieces or pawns of a particular color. Thus, I had this in mind:

int piece_list[32];
/* piece_list 0 to 7: white pieces
   piece_list 8 to 15: white pawns
   piece_list 16 to 23: black pieces
   piece_list 24 to 31: black pawns
int white_pieces;
int white_pawns;
int black_pieces;
int black_pawns;

I think this is reasonable until a piece needs to be removed. Then the computer
needs to figure out which list the piece belongs to, and this sounds
Any comments or suggestions?


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