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Subject: Re: One more time Delphi and UCI

Author: Martin Bauer

Date: 09:48:21 04/23/02

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On April 23, 2002 at 03:19:57, Tony Werten wrote:

>I already did:

I am using this exactly, except of writing to stdout. My way of writing the
output is:


but I dont think thats the problem.

>If you start your project normally in the delphi ide it will give an acces
>violation. It has to be started by fe winboard.

Do you know the reason for the violation?

I want to use UCI instead of the winboard protokol, but both are plain text at
stdin/out, so I think this makes no difference. Only difference is: I want to
run it with the Fritz7 GUI and not with winboard (May be later).

Steve (hope you read it), you told monarch is written in delphi. It runs fine
with fritz7. Is this the way you are doing it as described under:?

Did you have problems with the access violation, too?



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