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Subject: Re: One more time Delphi and UCI

Author: Steve Maughan

Date: 10:24:14 04/24/02

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>I am using this exactly, except of writing to stdout. My way of writing the
>output is:
>   write('mycommand'+#10);
>   flush(output);

That's what I'm doing!

>Steve (hope you read it), you told monarch is written in delphi. It runs fine
>with fritz7. Is this the way you are doing it as described under:?

I read in and write exactly the same way that you do.

>Did you have problems with the access violation, too?

Yes. I was going to write a full GUI that could be run as a winboard engine
(apparently XiniX does this).  In fact at one stage I thought it may be cool to
write a Winboard / UCI component.  However, I found that as a Windows app (i.e.
not a console app) I got a access violation when using the standard i/o.  So I
plumped for the console app method and have had no problems at all.  Maybe I'll
write a GUI one day but I'm having too much fun writing the engine at the

Hope this helps!



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