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Subject: Re: Books that help for evaluation

Author: JW de Kort

Date: 01:17:20 08/19/98

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On August 18, 1998 at 05:39:33, Guido Schimmels wrote:

>While I have a lot of books about chess, very few of them turned out to be
>helpfull for evaluation function design. This especially for the middle-game.
>For endings I like Averbakh's little book 'Erfolg im Endspiel' (Success in
>Endings ?),
>which provides a lot easily to implement patterns and heuristics.
>With my middle-game books I'm very unhappy. Most of them concentrate on
>certain tactical patterns, those included that pretend to be about strategie.
>The better ones at least require hard brain work to transform the advices given
>something computable.
>What about classics like 'My System' or Tarrasch's books, did anyone find them
>usefull ?
>- Guido -

I know this is mot very usufull information but if i'am not mistaking,
 a long time ago somebody in gave the title
 of a dissertation devotated to this subject. I'am sorry i can not be more
specific but maybe somebody else knows the titel.

Regards Jan Willem

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