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Subject: Books that help for evaluation

Author: Guido Schimmels

Date: 02:39:33 08/18/98

While I have a lot of books about chess, very few of them turned out to be
helpfull for evaluation function design. This especially for the middle-game.
For endings I like Averbakh's little book 'Erfolg im Endspiel' (Success in
Endings ?),
which provides a lot easily to implement patterns and heuristics.
With my middle-game books I'm very unhappy. Most of them concentrate on
certain tactical patterns, those included that pretend to be about strategie.
The better ones at least require hard brain work to transform the advices given
something computable.
What about classics like 'My System' or Tarrasch's books, did anyone find them
usefull ?

- Guido -

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