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Subject: Re: Try to solve mate.

Author: Paul

Date: 07:14:52 09/14/02

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On September 14, 2002 at 09:47:21, leonid wrote:

>On September 14, 2002 at 09:26:25, leonid wrote:
>>On September 14, 2002 at 08:51:31, Paul wrote:
>>>On September 14, 2002 at 07:55:35, leonid wrote:
>>>>This mate is easy and only 9 moves deep:
>>>>[D]bqRNNkqr/Q7/qPnPqBqN/Q4q2/5Qr1/5q2/5nQ1/bQqQqBKR w - -
>>>Hi Leonid,
>>>Pretz (p3/1000) also finds this one easy, it gets this in 3 seconds:
>>>00:03 WM9 06 Nxe6+ Qgxe6 Be7+ Nxe7 dxe7+ Qxe7 Qaxf5+ Bf6 Nxf6+ Qaxc8 Nh7+ Ke8
>>>Qxg6+ Rxg6 Qgxg6+ Qf7 Qaxf7#
>>>>Still, maybe, You will be tempted for something more heavy and I this way will
>>>>be able to find more on this position:
>>>>[D]2qRQq2/p6P/q1BqqR1N/r6B/n1QNQQ1B/r6k/b1QKNP1q/bq4qn w - -
>>>>On description of this mate I can see that it was solved by selective in 13
>>>>moves but brute force search went not up to the end in order to find shortest
>>>>move. Brute force search, without finding any mate, went only 9 moves deep.
>>>This one was indeed a lot more difficult, mine didn't fare so well here:
>>>06:49 WM11 07 Q8xe6+ Qdxe6 Qff3+ Rxf3 Qxf3+ Kxh4 Nhf5+ Rxf5 Nxf5+ ...
>>>So it found a mate in 11 in almost 7 minutes, with an incomplete pv ... these
>>>d#*&#@rned hashtables ;) ... will have to think about this ... any tips anyone?
>>>>Please indicate Your result.
>>>Thanks for your mates as usual ...
>>Thanks, Paul!
>>Now I can see that second one is no far then 11 moves. I  can even put this
>>position at 10 moves by brute force for night. If braching factor will not
>>suddenly jump, then it should be enough time for me for finding its depth.
>>First position have excellent time!
>>Mine, on usual setting, found mate in 1.75 sec.
>Paul, just after writing my message, I started to see second position in my file
>to indicate 11 moves. When I finally found it (I not indicate before on what
>page I had it), I looked that it was in reality solved by selected in 11 moves,
>just as You said. Before upper part of page was covered with page keeper and it
>is how I missed some additional description. If I knew this yesterday, when I
>found this position, I could put search for 10 moves by brute force at night.

Hey!! ... so you tricked us ... that's not fair ... I would have found it much
faster if I'd known! ... just kiddin' ... :)

>Selective in 11 moves was solved in 18 seconds. Usual setting.

Not bad at all ... you really should implement hash to get a bit faster though
... ;)



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