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Subject: Re: Ruffian 0.76 is still playing incredible strong!

Author: Mogens Larsen

Date: 04:51:16 09/20/02

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On September 20, 2002 at 07:34:02, pavel wrote:

>The point is that it is possible to not post in winboard forum and other forum
>but come up with a strong engine.


>I don't see programmer of Fritz brag about his program and perticipate in any
>Why is it not possible for someone else?
>Does his silence means that there is something fishy about his program?

No, it doesn't by default. There are plenty of examples to invalidate that
theory. The interesting bit is the actual development time. You can make an
argument about how long it'll take to develop an engine of a certain strength.
But even that becomes subjective rather quickly (ie. pure guesswork) as you
can't exclude the likelihood of immense talent, nor avoid the fact that sources
are available in abundance nowadays, be it papers or source code. The discussion
is, or becomes, rather tedious without an actual executable to confirm or
support various allogations. That isn't foolproof either.


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