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Subject: Chess in BASIC?

Author: William H Roges

Date: 15:47:18 08/28/98

Please don't start laughfing - there are compilers which make it quicker.
My chess program will do 5 plys in 40 secs. It is written in QBasic.
I would like to contact other people who can assist me in putting the finishing
toutches on it.

Some notes on Opening Books:

I don't think books should be more than 10 moves deep. Some programs now look
to 30 or more moves deep. That is not playing chess, it is looking it up in a
book. We need more opening stratagies.

On Piece Values:

I once did a little chart based upon the number of square that a piece can
attack and the results were suprising.

     Pn  Kn   Bs  Rk   Qn  Kg
      2   8   13  14   27   8
      1   1    0   1    1   0  Gave extra point for piece protecting its own
    --- ---  --- ---  --- ---  kind.
      3   9   13  15   28   8
      1   3  4.1   5  9.3  2.6
The results divided by three come real close to the real values of time
recognized values. It may be a real link.

I am still a novice, both in chess and in programming, but I am trying.

Any one want to help?

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