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Subject: Re: Dutch Open Leiden after round 6

Author: Uri Blass

Date: 06:43:57 10/21/02

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On October 21, 2002 at 08:05:54, Tony Werten wrote:

>On October 21, 2002 at 03:48:05, Jeroen Noomen wrote:
>>On October 21, 2002 at 02:27:01, Tony Werten wrote:
>>You don't know if your improvement is worth 200 elopoints,
>>therefore you need to test it thoroughly first :-)
>Test it ? You mean like play against other programs ? Then what have I been
>doing this weekend ?

1)If you have a real big improvement of 200 elo you can test it and get
conclusions in relatively a short time.

The main problem is when you believe that the improvement is 20-30 elo.
In this case it is better to use an old version.

If the idea how to improve your program by 200 elo is something that you
implemented only in the last minute(less than 24 hours before the tournament)
then it is better not to use it before you test it and delay the use of it for
the second part of the tournament when you have time to test.

24 hours are enough to get 8 games at 90 minutes per game and if you get 6-2
result against a program at similiar level to your previous version then you can
be at least sure that the new version is not significantly weaker at the time
control of the tournament.

2)I have a question.

Is there a chance that we are going to see Xinix or Diep(you can answer only for
xinix) in the WBEC tournament of Leo.

In the first division there are strong programs like

Vincent claimed that Diep beated Nimzo98 10-0.
If that is the case then he can participate in WBEC and score clearly better
than Nimzo2000 because I believe that Nimzo2000 is not significantly better than


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