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Subject: Re: Diep - Warp in Leiden

Author: Roy Eassa

Date: 07:49:10 10/28/02

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On October 28, 2002 at 08:50:52, Jouni Uski wrote:

>I take a quick look at the DOCC 2002 games and noticed, that there are
>short games like Djenghis - Ant 0-1 after 5 moves. So there was a lot amateurs
>beginners I quess. But there is one very long game = Diep - Warp, which ended
>after 187 games in this position:
>[D]8/2k1KP2/7R/8/8/7p/8/4r3 w - - 0 188
>Is this really whites win?

I don't know how White wins after 1.Kf8 Rh1!, but I found some nice wins if
Black plays something else:

1.Kf8 Re3?

   [1...Rh1! unclear, at least to me]

2.Rh7! Kb6

   [2...Kd7? 3.Rg7 h2 4.Kg8 h1Q 5.f8Q+ +-]

   [2...Kd6 3.Kg8 Rg3+ 4.Rg7 Rxg7+ 5.Kxg7 h2 6.f8Q+ +-]

   [2...Kc6 3.Kg8 Rg3+ 4.Rg7 Rxg7+ 5.Kxg7 h2 6.f8Q h1Q 7.Qa8+ +-]

   [2...Kb7? 3.Kg8 Rg3+ 4.Kh8! +-]


   [3.Kg8? Rg3+ 4.Kh8
      (4.Rg7? Rxg7+ =)
    4...Rf3 is not progress]


   [3...Kc7 4.Kg7 Rg3+ 5.Kf6 Rf3+ 6.Ke6 Re3+ 7.Kd5 +-]

4.Kg7 Rg3+ 5.Kf6 Rf3+ 6.Ke7 Re3+ 7.Kd8 Rd3+ 8.Kc8 Ra3 9.Rh6+ Kd5 10.Rxh3! +-

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