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Subject: Re: Diep - Warp in Leiden - Database analysis

Author: Marc Bourzutschky

Date: 22:30:55 10/28/02

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Very nice analysis by Roy, which is confirmed by my recently completed KRPKRP
endgame database.
In the game, the position was always drawn once the KRPKRP ending had been
reached, with no errors by either computer.  The starting position was (after
about 170 moves):

[D] 8/7R/1k6/5K1p/5P1r/// w


On October 28, 2002 at 10:49:10, Roy Eassa wrote:

>On October 28, 2002 at 08:50:52, Jouni Uski wrote:
>>I take a quick look at the DOCC 2002 games and noticed, that there are
>>short games like Djenghis - Ant 0-1 after 5 moves. So there was a lot amateurs
>>beginners I quess. But there is one very long game = Diep - Warp, which ended
>>after 187 games in this position:
>>[D]8/2k1KP2/7R/8/8/7p/8/4r3 w - - 0 188
>>Is this really whites win?
>I don't know how White wins after 1.Kf8 Rh1!, but I found some nice wins if
>Black plays something else:
>1.Kf8 Re3?
>   [1...Rh1! unclear, at least to me]
>2.Rh7! Kb6
>   [2...Kd7? 3.Rg7 h2 4.Kg8 h1Q 5.f8Q+ +-]
>   [2...Kd6 3.Kg8 Rg3+ 4.Rg7 Rxg7+ 5.Kxg7 h2 6.f8Q+ +-]
>   [2...Kc6 3.Kg8 Rg3+ 4.Rg7 Rxg7+ 5.Kxg7 h2 6.f8Q h1Q 7.Qa8+ +-]
>   [2...Kb7? 3.Kg8 Rg3+ 4.Kh8! +-]
>   [3.Kg8? Rg3+ 4.Kh8
>      (4.Rg7? Rxg7+ =)
>    4...Rf3 is not progress]
>   [3...Kc7 4.Kg7 Rg3+ 5.Kf6 Rf3+ 6.Ke6 Re3+ 7.Kd5 +-]
>4.Kg7 Rg3+ 5.Kf6 Rf3+ 6.Ke7 Re3+ 7.Kd8 Rd3+ 8.Kc8 Ra3 9.Rh6+ Kd5 10.Rxh3! +-

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