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Subject: Re: learning from other programmers.

Author: Uri Blass

Date: 03:30:40 10/29/02

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On October 29, 2002 at 06:00:07, Vincent Diepeveen wrote:

>On October 28, 2002 at 12:09:37, Uri Blass wrote:
>I hear only suggestions from dudes who hardly join tournaments.
>You know shit from tournaments.
>Of course you're too stubborn to learn, but how about the
>human contact you have during the game which allows you to
>ask Frans Morsch whether he finds nullmove a good algorithm
>and to ask some other whether he still likes singular extensions?
>They won't answer it on CCC. They do in such tournaments.

First thing is that I learned from other people in CCC and the winboard forum.

I can mention Dieter as one of the programmers who helped me(mainly in the
winboard forum).
I also learned from Bob Hyatt.

I can also mention David Omid who suggested that R=3 is good and encouraged me
to try it(I thought that R=3 cannot be good for movei because of it's bad
evaluation so I even did not try it before reading David Omid's post that it was
good for genesis that is not a knowledge based program).

My logic was that bigger R is probably good only for programs with a lot of
knowledge because they are strong in detecting threats.
It seems that for some reason it is not the case and bigger R is good for movei.

My main problem is programming and not knowledge of what I want to do.
At least for the near future I do not think that asking fransh if null move is
a good algorithm can help me.

I know that it is good without asking him.

I plan in the near future not to work on evaluation or search rules but about
optimizing movei to do it faster.

I do not evaluate passed pawns and king safety not because I do not know what to
do but because I believe that I do not want to implement something simple and
slifghtly productive and I prefer to implement knowledge that make movei knows
about these factors more than most of the amateurs.

Doing it is not simple and at least today I prefer to improve movei by other


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