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Subject: Re: Book design

Author: David Rasmussen

Date: 01:36:59 11/28/02

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On November 28, 2002 at 04:23:15, Sune Fischer wrote:

>My present book format is really simple, too simple.
>I would like to use transpositions and book learning, so I need a new format.
>Is there a "standard" way of doing this, some well known technique which
>includes statistics for each line and makes it possible to transpose back into
>the book?
>I can only think of primitive ideas, like storing the full FEN and append each
>possible move reply to it. That will of course blow the book to a huge file. I
>guess some other hashing scheme can be done, but what is the _best_ way? :)

If you use zobrist hash keys (which you already have, if you have traditional
hashing), transpositions are dealt with automatically. There are other issues to
deal with, but hash keys will get you started.


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