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Subject: Re: Warp - Diep, WCCC

Author: Peter Berger

Date: 07:05:16 12/04/02

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Thanks, your lines were convincing. I looked at the position for a little longer
and black definitely has some problems.

On the other hand the first plan of defense was not precise. It seems the knight
on e5 that attacks c4 is very important, and g6 is not exactly a good square for

So, how about 40...h6 instead? This stops your plan for the moment at the price
of allowing white's rooks to the eigth rank. On the other hand if white goes for
it blacks active pieces seem to be able to create some (sufficient?)

I realize this is not really on-topic anymore, but the position is very
interesting and I'd appreciate if you could show some ideas to break black's


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