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Subject: Re: Warp - Diep, WCCC

Author: Vincent Diepeveen

Date: 08:35:46 12/04/02

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On December 03, 2002 at 01:47:15, Peter McKenzie wrote:

>>>Directly Qxa7 instead of Qf6 i don't want to analyze too well in fact.
>>>A short line should do, because i get directly many fail lows after
>>>after Nf4 there for white, so it is trivial that black has excellent draw
>>>chances there 4 pieces combining against a poor white king. i don't see
>>>how Peter can believe in that for white. He needs a chess course :)
>Ah, with friends like Vincent who needs enemies?
>I'm sure this is the logic that Kramnik too used when he lost to Fritz :-)
>Translation: computers are good at wriggling out of sticky looking positions.
>Oh wait the whole Kramnik match was yet another conspiracy, darn I forgot about
>>perhaps after Qxa7 a direct Qe4 is directly forcing a draw there.
>>white can win a bunch of pawns by some sacrafices on g6 but then
>>white has to give always perpetual check after:
>>qxa7 qe4 qxb6 nf3 g6 hg6 rg4 qa8 rxg6 fxg6 qxe6 nxg1 qf6+
>Of course even my stupid program knows that it must sacrifice a rook for one of
>those menacing knights and try to win the endgame with 3 extra pawns.
>So instead of g6, better is either Rxf3 or Qb8+ followed by Rxf3.

7k/p3Qp1p/1p2n3/4nqP1/2P5/2P3R1/P5RP/3r2BK w - -

So after Qxa7? Qe4 qxb6 Nf3 you play Qb8 Kg7 Rxf3 Qxf3.

Even DIEP, despite white having a shitload of passers, already gets a
near to draw score for that. White cannot move a piece except its
queen. Rxg1 threatens each time and black has a knight to get to e2.

At least black can already capture on g5, which i would never do as
a human. easier is to jump some with the knight then go for mate :)

This looks not a very good winning plan for white :)

Basically the computers score gets dominated because white can give
a lot of checks each time with its queen. If you do that, then it's a draw :)

We call that horizon effect of a program. I guess you prune some of them.
Not a good idea here.

>>it takes diep a while to see that this is a draw. weird. looks
>>trivial to me as long as you don't lose the d1 rook.

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