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Subject: Re: Winboard.debug

Author: David Rasmussen

Date: 08:06:38 12/07/02

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On December 07, 2002 at 09:49:19, Sune Fischer wrote:

>I just tried it, still no debug file.
>Is there something wrong with this command, shouldn't it produce a debug???
>G:\Fischer\Chess\Frenzee\Frenzee_ICC\winboard.exe -debug /cp /zp /fcp
>"G:\Fischer\Chess\Frenzee\Frenzee_ICC\Frenzee.exe" /ics /icshelper=timestamp
>To my knowledge there is no path command (no "path" or "debug" words in the
>winboard.ini), so it couldn't be that winboard is printing the file to a
>different directory, or could it?
>Quite frustrating, disconnecting and no debug file, perhaps they are related in
>someway, bugs usually are !?

The winboard.debug file is always(?) in the winboard directory, where the
winboard.exe is too. It's not in your working dir, in the engines working dir



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