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Subject: Re: Winboard.debug

Author: Dieter Buerssner

Date: 09:26:13 12/07/02

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On December 07, 2002 at 11:06:38, David Rasmussen wrote:

>The winboard.debug file is always(?) in the winboard directory, where the
>winboard.exe is too. It's not in your working dir, in the engines working dir

Not for me. For me, the winboard.debug is allways in the current directory. I
typically start winboard with a batch from the DOS-prompt, like:

c:\programme\wb423\winboard /debug ...

I have such batches in my "test" directory. When I start the batch there, I will
have winboard.debug in the same directory.

I never tried shortcuts for WB. But I guess, winboard.debug will be in the
directory, that you give as working directory, when you create the shortcut. The
default normally is the directory of the exe (which would mean the winboard


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