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Subject: Re: Questions about the new Nalimov tablebase files...

Author: Eugene Nalimov

Date: 12:20:54 12/13/02

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On December 13, 2002 at 14:50:30, Dann Corbit wrote:

>What is different?
>A different compression scheme?
>A different encoding scheme?
>Why the change?
>Has the interface changed?
>What changes will be needed from old code to new code?
>Have the rules for usage changed?

New access code would shortly be released in Crafty 19.2. Changes were necessary
because (1) you should use 64-bit index to index some of 6-men TBs, (2) even
after compression some files were greater than 2Gb, and some OSes cannot handle
such files (or handle them in absolutely unportable way), so best solution is to
split those files into several smaller ones.

From chess program's point of view the only difference is that INDEX type now
should be unsigned 64-bit integer, not unsigned 32-bit integer. Something like 5
minutes of work.

Some unrelated problems are fixed in the code -- reported memory leaks, SMP
problems, Mac OS X locks problem that manifested itself in access violation,
very slow startup when TBPATH pointed to the CD-ROM drive and there was no disk
in that drive, better integrity check for the TBs, etc.

No, rules for usage did not change.

Of course there can be new bugs in the code, but Crafty uses new code for
several weeks now without single issue.


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