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Subject: Slightly different question about Nalimov tablebase generation

Author: Les Fernandez

Date: 12:51:37 12/13/02

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Hi Eugene,

I have a friend of mine who has a MAC with OS-10 which has 512mb ram and dual
G-4  1.25 Ghz cpu's along with a 100 gb hard drive.

Question 1: can I use this hardware to generate the 35 remaining 6 piece
"pawnless" egtb's?

Question 2: would I need to have all 3-4-5 with and without pawns even if all I
am trying to generate are the 6 piece pawnless tables?  I would think since no
pawns are involved we may only need the pawnless tables for the 3-4-5 tables.

Question 3: Since you are the expert in this field using the hardware described
above what would a ball park figure be as to how long you think it will take to
do the 35 tables.  My thought is that since these are the 5-1 tables they
probably arent the largest nor longest sets to run.  Just my opinion.



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