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Subject: Chess Challenger 7

Author: John Coffey

Date: 18:29:46 09/18/98

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While I am talking about very old chess computers, I remember playing
with a computer from the *late* *70's* called Chess Challenger 7 made
by Fidelity.  They sold quite a few of these through Sears and other
outlets.  Even when I was rated a mere 1400, I could beat it rather easily.

Did anyone ever have a rating for it?  I know that some of my friends
found it competitive, but they were around 1200 strength.

I used to put it on the "postal chess" mode where it would take 24 hours
to make a move.  The only game I ever played this way, it looked like I
was going to win easily, but I blundered and lost.  The position was
like this ....

..  ..
  WK  ..
..  WR

Black plays a3! check and wins.

John coffey

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