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Subject: Re: Nodes per second........

Author: Robert Hyatt

Date: 21:14:00 09/26/98

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On September 26, 1998 at 17:21:58, James Robertson wrote:

>What is a reasonable number of NPS for a program to search if it has an average
>sized evaluation procedure? I.E. what does Crafty get? Chessmaster? Comet? My
>program started out searching a very nice number of nodes per second, but as I
>added stuff that number decreased dramatically from about 600,000 to 160,000. By
>the time I finish the evaluation function (which is currently like 20 lines),
>I'm afraid it will be down to like 5,000 NPS on my P233! At what point should I
>get worried?

Here's the bottom line:  NPS is only interesting when you find a new
data structure or algorithm, and you want to know if it makes you better
or not.  If your changes make you go faster, and you didn't take anything
out of the evaluation or search extensions, then you are better.  If you
are slower, you are worse.

But to compare with other programs is misleading, at best...

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