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Subject: Re: Nodes per second........

Author: James Robertson

Date: 21:27:49 09/26/98

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On September 27, 1998 at 00:14:00, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>On September 26, 1998 at 17:21:58, James Robertson wrote:
>>What is a reasonable number of NPS for a program to search if it has an average
>>sized evaluation procedure? I.E. what does Crafty get? Chessmaster? Comet? My
>>program started out searching a very nice number of nodes per second, but as I
>>added stuff that number decreased dramatically from about 600,000 to 160,000. By
>>the time I finish the evaluation function (which is currently like 20 lines),
>>I'm afraid it will be down to like 5,000 NPS on my P233! At what point should I
>>get worried?
>Here's the bottom line:  NPS is only interesting when you find a new
>data structure or algorithm, and you want to know if it makes you better
>or not.  If your changes make you go faster, and you didn't take anything
>out of the evaluation or search extensions, then you are better.  If you
>are slower, you are worse.
>But to compare with other programs is misleading, at best...

Ok, I see what you mean. I looked at GLChess and noticed that although it makes
60,000 NPS and Arasan 4.1 makes only about 30,000, Arasan is a much better


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