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Subject: Re: Novag etc.-old chess computers

Author: Karsten Bauermeister

Date: 10:09:02 09/30/98

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On September 30, 1998 at 11:28:00, William H Rogers wrote:

>I just happen to have 4 old chess computers. Maybe you know something about
>1. Excaliber Stilleto II - 72 levels rated 1200-1600?
>2. Novag Secondo         - 16 levels rated?
>3. Novag Solo            -  8 levels rated?
>4. Fedility Micro Chess  - 64 levels rated?
>It would be nice to find their real ratings and at what level they attained it.
>I also have about 20 or so chess programs rated??
>All of these are available for use ?? If not from me, maybe someone else.
>Thanks for the HARD WORK!
>Bill Rogers

Hi Bill
nice to see, that not everyone is collecting the most expensive, fastest and
highest rated computers. In a few years nobody has this little models naymore,
but many people got the others...
Ok: Fidelity Micro-Chess and Novag Solo never appeared in any list I know. I
would estimate them by 1200-1300 Elopoints USCF. The Novag Scondo with his
4K-programs should lie slithly higher: about 1400 Elo USCF. All on
tournment-level 3min/move.
The Excalibur Stilleto never was available in Europe. So I cannot give you any
information about this one.


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