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Subject: Re: Novag etc.-old chess computers

Author: William H Rogers

Date: 12:31:16 09/30/98

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I have one still older, but I am sure that no one has ever heard of it.
It is EC or Electronic Chess - about 7 levels. Not very strong at all.
My first chess program was Micro Chess by Peter Jennings - chashed my only copy.
It was rated by various people at about 600 points. Then came Sargon I - rated
about 1150 points. Followed by Sargon II, 3,4,5., and 20 or 30 others.
I wish some one would write a chess program with chess knowledge such as:

center control: 0  1  3  4  4  3  1  0
                2  3  5  6  6  5  3  2
                4  5  7  8  8  7  5  4
                6  7  9 10 10  9  7  6 < center squares
about 1/10 of a pawn for occupying the center of the board.
Give 5 or 10 points for castling.
Give 1 or 2 points for pawns protecting other pawns.
NO quesient searches or check searches beyond the current ply.
This would give a program with a small rating at 2 plys and would be increased
by each ply.
After testing by beginners, it would be able to estimate their ratings from zero
to 1200 or so, keeping in mind that it could go to a depth of 8 to 10 plys.
I think that such a program would be greatly recieved by chess inthusias
everywhere, especially those starting out in the game.
It would also give budding programmers some to use as a test engine. This was
done in the early days of chess programming by HiTect or whatever its name was,
but there is no such creature now that I know of.
Did you like the way I changed the subject? It could be used to test older chess
playing programs.
Maybe you or some one else could propose such a program. No one listens to me
because I am still a budding programmer.
Thanks for the reply.
Bill Rogers

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