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Subject: limited razoring question

Author: Inmann Werner

Date: 14:03:19 10/03/98

I read the article of Ulli Türke about razoring. I must say, I did not
understand it full, but I tried to implement something like this

In alpha beta after checking for checkmate and the extensions i try

  if (noextension_made   &&  distance to horizon<=2  && material_bilance[depth]
 + 6*pawn_Value <=alpha)  return(alpha-1)

In test positions,i tried, this decreases the tree about 15% with no bad effect.
But I am suspicious.

I think the idea is.
I have done a move and my material_balance is much worse than alpha after doing
it, and now comes the opponent which will make it more worse....So forget this
move and do not go deeper.

Is above buggy or too risky?

Some suggestions?


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