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Subject: Re: Introducing "No-Moore's Law"

Author: Jeremiah Penery

Date: 22:57:32 02/28/03

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On March 01, 2003 at 00:20:22, Robert Hyatt wrote:

>>There are plenty of other options for high-performance computing that don't
>>exist today.  I wouldn't be surprised to see asynchronous chips being seriously
>>considered soon.  The clock-based approach is beginning to cause lots of
>>problems as speed is agressively increased.
>IE data-flow?  (Circa 1970 or so)??  :)

Yes, they've been considered in the past, but always rejected because the
clock-based approach was entrenched in the market, and continued to perform and
scale well.  I've read that something like 50% of the power draw of current CPUs
is related to the clock synchronization effort.  Not to mention other problems
caused by the necessity of clock synchronization...

I think there's a good chance that an asynchronous approach will be tried again
in the near future.

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