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Subject: Re: Anaconda 1.0 (ex-GromitChess) available as CB-native

Author: David Dahlem

Date: 07:16:13 03/08/03

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Thank you very much for this engine. But i have a complaint. In the Hiarcs 7.32
gui, there is an annoying popup "Internal Messages" window. I can't get rid of
it, if i close it, it comes back with each move. If i minimize it, and try to
relocate it to an unobtrusive area of the display, with each move, it reappears
in the middle of the display.


On March 08, 2003 at 06:23:57, Kai Skibbe wrote:

>Anaconda 1.0 is available for download from the PocketGrandmaster
>web site
>and Chessbase
>You'll get an installer which installs Anaconda as a
>Chessbase-native engine. I'm sorry we don't have UCI- or
>Winboard-versions yet.
>Anaconda 1.0 is a successor of GromitChess with an improved
>evaluation and time-management and some new searchheuristics,
>which allow it to search deeper but more selective.
>It's almost the same engine we used in the IPCCC 2003.
>We renamed GromitChess to Anaconda to prevent copyright infringements
>with "Wallace and Gromit", see
>Have fun,
>Frank & Kai
>Some more information about Anaconda and predecessors is available

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