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Subject: Re: Anaconda 1.0 (ex-GromitChess) available as CB-native

Author: Frank Schneider

Date: 07:19:23 03/08/03

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On March 08, 2003 at 10:16:13, David Dahlem wrote:

>Thank you very much for this engine. But i have a complaint. In the Hiarcs 7.32
>gui, there is an annoying popup "Internal Messages" window. I can't get rid of
>it, if i close it, it comes back with each move. If i minimize it, and try to
>relocate it to an unobtrusive area of the display, with each move, it reappears
>in the middle of the display.

Hmm, this doesn't happen with newer Chessbase-GUIs and I think the
engine can't find out which GUI started it, so we can't switch the
messages off in the engine.


>On March 08, 2003 at 06:23:57, Kai Skibbe wrote:
>>Anaconda 1.0 is available for download from the PocketGrandmaster
>>web site
>>and Chessbase
>>You'll get an installer which installs Anaconda as a
>>Chessbase-native engine. I'm sorry we don't have UCI- or
>>Winboard-versions yet.
>>Anaconda 1.0 is a successor of GromitChess with an improved
>>evaluation and time-management and some new searchheuristics,
>>which allow it to search deeper but more selective.
>>It's almost the same engine we used in the IPCCC 2003.
>>We renamed GromitChess to Anaconda to prevent copyright infringements
>>with "Wallace and Gromit", see
>>Have fun,
>>Frank & Kai
>>Some more information about Anaconda and predecessors is available

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