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Subject: Arena 1.0 / Ruffian 2.0 ... information!

Author: Frank Quisinsky

Date: 02:50:42 11/21/03

Hi there,

Our freeware Arena 1.0 is next week Thuesday / Wednesday available.

New options:
- Engine Blunder Check
- Opening book options
- Swiss system
- And all the time Martin work on bugfixes

In combination with Arena 1.0 is Ruffian 2.0 by Per-Ola Valfridsson available as
commercial product around 08th December 2003.

Distribution by "Schach Niggemann", Germany!

Information page:

Arena by Martin Blume:

Gladiators can try the strongest free available WinBoard / UCI Engine Ruffian
(included in the Freeware Arena Setup versions).

I believe (in my opinion) Ruffian 2.0 is around 100 ELO stronger as the Freeware
version 1.01 or ~ 75 ELO stronger as the Freeware version 1.05 with longer time
controls. With shorter time controls I believe 75 ELO stronger (or a little bit
more) as the Freeware version 1.01 and ~ 50 ELO stronger (or a little bit more)
as the Freeware version 1.05. SSDF will test the new version soon and I am sure
Gladiators too.

Available is a Linux version too (the world strongest Linux Chess Engine) and
different very good opening books. Available on this CD-ROM is the Leiden
version of Ruffian (Ruffian won the tournament in Leiden 2003) too. Possible
that a third Ruffian engine is avialalbe on the CD-Rom.

Produced by Frank Quisinsky!


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